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Go-to-market strategy for a top-5 insurance broker

What they wanted

After years of double digit profitable growth to a top-5 position in the market, the firm’s executive board realised a next step in their strategy was required as focus started to blur and key (market) insights were missing. They therefore wanted a futureproof growth strategy that would determine the growth path for the next five years, and in parallel would enable them to 1) simplify governance, 2) focus investments and 3) optimise their operations in line with this strategy.

What we did

We split the project in three phases to enable to cooperate with different stakeholders in each phase. Phase one concerned creation of a strategy based amongst others on unique insights in the Dutch market for distribution through our proprietary tooling “Distributiemonitor”, and the internal context. Phase two concerned the resulting priorities and phase three concerned the resulting actions to realise these priorities. Each phase started with a kick-off to create alignment on the deliverables and key questions, halfway there was a validation session to discuss prelimenary findings, and each phase concluded with a workshop on the conclusions and implications of the former. During each phase different sets of stakeholders were involved to ensure buy-in and a smooth transition after the ending of our engagement.

What we achieved

We were able to determine a growth strategy, with unique insights on the market and their own customer base, in under three months’ time. All resulting priorities and actions were co-created into implementation plans by the management team and IG&H to ensure logic, buy-in and feasibility in execution.

What they said

Client satisfaction, CEO: 8, COO: 9


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