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Practical applications of GenAI 

Generative AI

GenAI technology enables the creation and handling of unstructured content such as text, images and speech with human-like quality. Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, LLMs, CoPilot and the like but how do you apply GenAI? Explore use cases below to see how GenAI can add value for your business. 

Everyone is talking about Generative AI (GenAI).
We help you put it into practice. 

Experience GenAI, applied.

GenAI is a revolutionary technology with the potential to reshape organizations and their way of working. What can it do for yours? Whether it's scalability, guidance in decision-making, cost saving or something else entirely – the possibilities of GenAI are vast. While your imagination knows no bounds, we know how to create a proof of concept for you.

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Why apply GenAI with the
support of IG&H? 

Let cutting-edge AI meet your practical business needs. While technology is an enabler, reimagining processes and talent are equally important. We can support you on your end-to-end transformation. See how you can use GenAI for adjustable customer journeys, intelligent automation, product category classifications and much more. Ready to apply GenAI? Let's get in touch today. 

Kris Lanjouw

Head of Data & Analytics

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