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Risk preference research 

Your Partner for Risk preference research

According to the law, Dutch pension funds must ask their participants how much risk they are willing to take, at least every five years. Insurers and premium pension institutions can voluntarily conduct risk preference research as well. This approach provides input for selecting the right asset mix, designing life cycles and gauging risk-bearing abilities. It also offers additional detailed segmentation options.  

No risk

Get fact-based answers with a comprehensive overview of your participant’s risk appetite. Conducting pragmatic yet thorough risk preference research, we are a proven front-runner that supports you in a changing pension landscape. 

Backed by science 
Tooling and advice based on renowned Netspar study
Recognized by law 

Our approach is officially listed in the legislation 

Customized measurement 

Consider age, income, employment status and more 

Tailored to funds 

Customized to fit your traits and schemes 

Gamification for surveys and an interactive slider
Practical outcome

Clear answers with strongly quantitative results  

Well-rounded risk

Get to the core of your participant's risk preferences 

Take the next step 

A fact-based foundation to design asset mixes and life cycles 

Empower your participants 

Participants can explore various scenarios using an interactive slider ranging from no risk to full risk. A predictive algorithm coupled with an intuitive user interface allows survey participants to quickly visualize potential pension outcomes. Behind each number is a specific asset mix.

How would you like to invest?
Possible outcomes
Full risk
          No risk

Why you can rely on IG&H 


funds participated 
representing almost half of all participants in the Netherlands


Proven survey questions to choose from across 5 main topics   
participant answers serve as benchmarks for comparison
Analysis with actuarial input from Achmea Pension Services 


“The results showed that most were willing to accept a certain amount of risk, but what amount of risk? And which investment mix would best fit their risk profile? That was difficult to deduce from our previous method of research.”

 Ludo Nagel | Investment strategist at Pensioenfonds Rail & Openbaar Vervoer 

IG&H_client case_railOV.jpg

See how the Dutch Pension Fund for Public Transportation (Rail & OV) used data-driven risk appetite assessment and asset allocation to empower participants to better understand the impact of risk.

Ask the right questions with risk preference research

With experience in risk preference research at over 30 pension funds, IG&H is the right fit for your company as well. Our risk preference research enables you to match the risk appetite of participants as closely as possible with an asset mix that has a high probability of achieving their goals. We are at the forefront of this continuously developing field, even pioneering methods later adopted by legislation. With a comprehensive overview, your fund can fulfil the (upcoming) legal requirements. Are you ready for practical help in uncovering your participants’ preferences? 

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Paul Geurtsen
Managing Consultant
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