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IG&H welcomes Remon Houweling as Lead of Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions

Remon Houweling joined IG&H as the Lead of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions in Financial Services.

With over 25 years of experience in consultancy, Houweling brings with him expertise and entrepreneurial spirit as he starts up and expands the GRC capability within IG&H. A specialist in Governance, Performance Management, Risk Management, Compliance and G(P)RC Tooling within the Financial Services Industry, Houweling has advised Banking, Insurance, Pensions, Asset Management, Payment providers and Trust funds, among others.

“The aim is to put Governance, Risk & Compliance on the map, also beyond the financial services sector. There are many gains to be made in healthcare and retail as well for example,” he explains. Within IG&H, Houweling plans to leverage the company’s specific sector expertise and push for a short Time to Market.

Progressively more institutions are now adopting cloud-based tooling for their Governance, Risk & Compliance. To appropriately deal with regulatory issues, G(P)RC tooling helps to direct the requests and ensure there is a clear audit trail. Technological accelerators are a key puzzle piece for expanding the team and GRC solutions within IG&H.

“Governance, Risk & Compliance is about creating a manageable environment and ensuring our clients are in control. IG&H has noticed that while working in certain sectors, many GRC questions surface. This increase in queries is an organic development accompanying our ever-growing technology offering,” describes Joost van de Meent, CEO of IG&H.


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