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IG&H accelerates its digital transformation journey

At IG&H we help businesses with complex digital transformation, so we know that if you want to stay relevant, you need to bring your (digital) capabilities to the next level. Even the consulting sector gets disrupted by new technologies, and we realize that businesses like ours need to move away from the traditional “excel-powerpoint-approach” to a digital model where they can capture and analyse its clients’ processes.

In light of this trend, we partnered with Mavim – a business process management (BPM) software – to digitalize our own processes.

Mavim is a leading end-to-end business process intelligence and transformation platform.

The software facilitates the creation of a dynamic, virtual representation of an organisation in its operational context. What Gartner calls a digital Twin of an Organization (DTO).

This way you can virtually see how people work, the systems and processes they touch. This generates continuous intelligence about what is happening in real-time.

It can also be used to help modelling the current state and the desired end-state and to track the relevant KPI’s to monitor the progress.

This fully customizable BPM toolkit will enable us at IG&H to further help our clients realign and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate.

Powered by Microsoft technology (Visio, Azure, Power BI), it provides a collaborative solutions suite to define, visualize and redesign business processes, mining data and transform and help organisations to become a digital leader.

Mavim is recognized as Technology leader for ‘Enterprise Business Process Analysis’ and named by Gartner as Customer Choice 2021.

We are pleased with the partnership as it helps embrace digitalization, stay relevant and live up for one of our core values, to be the best in our field of expertise.


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