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A future-proof DIY formula

Challenge Gamma is on difficult terrain nowadays with increasingly strong competition and customers demanding increasingly higher standards. Aggressive pricing, online players and various international parties are entering the Dutch DIY market. Our client was therefore facing the question of how to build a future-proof DIY formula.

Solution We helped our client to recalibrate their compass and to set a focus for their positioning in order to create sustainable and distinctive assets. This served as the starting point to determine a strategic course for the long term and make tactical choices for the shorter term. Deep dives were made into the target group, range of products, range of services and shop image, for instance. Based on the recalibrated formula and strategy, we helped our client define a plan of action and start rolling out the strategy.

Way of working The key is that we made a difference by working closely with GAMMA, together we formed one team. That was seen in daily stand-up sessions with the team and in nearly weekly co-creation workshops with the MT to reach a well-supported vision. We ensure that the client has the required background information in good time so that they can get the most out of their discussions in the working sessions and work towards making decisions.


Together with our client, we laid the basis for sustainable and distinctive assets for the long term.

“IG&H makes it really human and personal. It’s not “us” and “them”, but we truly formed one team on all levels, which I find exceptional.”


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