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Commercial and IT Due Diligence for Private Equity Fund

  • In the insurance market, we regularly perform commercial and operational/IT due diligence

  •  The broker and insurance market in the Netherlands has shown a strong consolidation trend due to the recurring nature of the business and opportunities for efficiency gains offered by digitalization

  • IG&H performed a market scan, commercial and IT due diligence for an international Private Equity fund looking to enter the insurance broker market through a buy-and-build strategy

  • IG&H's proprietary market data, due diligence expertise and strong network helped unlock unequaled insights into the broker market and potential acquisition targets

At a glance:

Insights into the Benelux insurance market and analyzing acquisition targets 

An international Private Equity (PE) fund was looking to enter the Benelux insurance market and wanted to explore the buy-and-build opportunities in the broker landscape. Our client wished to understand the current developments in the Benelux broker market and the opportunities that it presented for them in the future. In addition, the fund wanted help to analyze a shortlist of targets to make an informed investment decision. Specifically, they wished to gauge each target’s capacity to serve as a platform for further buy-and-build opportunities. The target’s potential capacity was evaluated both from the perspective of its commercial positioning as well as its organizational and technological setup.

IG&H assembled a dedicated team with both strategy expertise as well as specific insurance and broker market expertise. Several factors were critical in helping our client make an informed investment decision: 

  1. We combined our commercial and operational due diligence experience with our wide network in the insurance broker market.

  2. Secondly, the project team had access to proprietary research data from the IG&H Distribution monitor and IG&H Performance monitor, providing unparalleled insight into the performance of insurance brokers in the Netherlands.

  3. Finally, our extensive track record as experts on the Dutch broker market and its players meant we could add further context and detailed interpretation to the facts.


"IG&H are experts in their field. They display a great depth of knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and creativity in their approach." 

Partner | Private Equity fund


Facts to build a future on  

Within six weeks we delivered a focused and fact-based analysis of the market and potential targets. It provided specific insight into potential opportunities and threats for investments with a buy-and-build strategy. The commercial and IT due diligence we conducted on a shortlist of targets guided our client in comparing the investment opportunities and ultimately come to a well-founded offer. But we did not stop there, we also facilitated valuable introductions for our client with key players within our network, giving them a competitive edge in the pre-deal phase.  

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