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IG&H Culture

Secure-base Leadership 

We are caring and daring. Trusting you completely, we dare you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new challenges. 

At IG&H, all leaders complete the High Performance Leadership program of the IMD Business School. Our leaders provide you with bonding, a sense of protection and comfort. At the same time, they inspire you to explore, take risks and seek out challenges.


This type of leadership positively affects employee satisfaction and increases the Net Promotor Score, as happy employees lead to happy customers.   

Susan Goldsworthy on Secure-base Leadership

"If employees feel that you trust and protect them, they continue to grow — and they’ll grow a lot faster. It also benefits employee well-being and retention. Briefly put, this program is one of the reasons why IG&H is a great place to work." 

Robin van Wankum | Director Organizational Transformation 

Change is constant

Change comes in many shapes and sizes. At IG&H, you play an active role in it: whether it’s your growth, seeking out technological innovation, making an impact or building connections.

Ready for greatness?

Building a Best Workplace is done by the whole organization and can only be achieved by putting people first. Haven’t found the vacancy you are looking for? We welcome open applications as well.

Ineke Mallant

Director People & Culture

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