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IG&H Culture

Learning and Development 

Constantly raising the bar, we keep challenging ourselves to be curious and to think outside of the box. We can’t help it – it’s how we’re built.  

How does IG&H stimulate your development?

Get goosebumps from world-class inspiration 

We provide extensive training opportunities to help you do your job better. Not only will you learn, but you also get to know your co-workers even better. Our sessions are inspired by our three main philosophies: Make Strategy Work, Care to Dare and The Art of Selling. 

“Within IG&H, I experience ‘humility in learning’ resulting in company-wide progress to become more inclusive. All this, combined with the amazing colleagues makes IG&H a great place to work!” 

Evelien Kip | Manager Retail 

We want to learn from the best and work with institutions such as Harvard, IMD Business School and Singularity University. We regularly invite speakers to inspire us and share their knowledge. Heidi Gartner from Harvard and Susan Goldsworthy from IMD Business School teach us about Smart Collaboration and secure-base leadership. Peter Meyers shows us how to be inspirational speakers. Nancy Poleon helps us empower women at the workplace and create male allies. 

Join amazing training sessions 

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Everyone has a mentor who coaches them in their development. Throughout the year, you collect feedback to help guide the dialogue. You discuss how to maximize your potential and every three months, you check up on your goals together.


To facilitate this continuous development dialogue, we use an in-house tool called Evolve. In this app, you can easily exchange feedback and set development goals. You discuss progress every couple of weeks. 

Meet your mentor 

"I help my co-workers grow – not only in terms of technical skills, but also as professionals

and as human beings." 

Cecilia Oliveira | Director Platform Services 

Feedback culture

Seeking and receiving constructive feedback is ingrained in our company culture. As a result, we learn from each other and develop quickly. The best feedback is of the personal kind, provided in a one-on-one conversation. We ask for formal and informal feedback.

Happiness Index 

A monthly 'pulse survey' measures employee happiness.

Leadership Review 

The organization gives constructive bottom-up feedback. 

Great Place to Work survey 

Completed once a year, the results inspire organization-wide goals. 

Sharing f*ckups 

By sharing your experience and lessons learned, others can learn from it, too. 

Take a sabbatical

We encourage employees to stay balanced and healthy and to occasionally take a step back to clear their minds. After developing and learning alongside us at IG&H for three years, you can take a sabbatical – an opportunity which is regularly seized. 

Change is constant

Change comes in many shapes and sizes. At IG&H, you play an active role in it: whether it’s your growth, seeking out technological innovation, making an impact or building connections.

Ready for greatness?

Building a Best Workplace is done by the whole organization and can only be achieved by putting people first. Haven’t found the vacancy you are looking for? We welcome open applications as well.

Ineke Mallant

Director People & Culture

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