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Use our Impuls approach to get more out of your teams for even better results

Ambitions are again shifting towards improving performance and increasing client and employee satisfaction. And we are seeing more and more that companies want to become more flexible and agile, and are ready to invest in that. Flexibility is, moreover, crucial for the digital transformation that many companies are going through at the moment. For these sharper ambitions, sustainable behaviour change is the crucial condition for success, in addition to having excellent processes, superior digital infrastructure, online skills and a logical organization structure.

Behaviour determines the result Culture change is an essential condition for gaining return on digital and other investments. The behaviour of all staff together always determines a company’s result. In practice, the behaviour component is often forgotten unfortunately, which means that nearly none of the changes will be sustainable.

IG&H has experienced how teams do not use their full potential without culture change and we have therefore developed a proof-of-concept approach called Impuls©: giving an impulse to skilled employees and a push towards improvements in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Defining the overall competition sharply (the company’s ambition) is essential for a good start. It’s important to get each team’s contribution to the overall competition clear right at the start: what do we need to do as a team in order to push the KPIs up at company level and what can we improve directly within our own sphere of influence?

Our Impuls approach comprises two building blocks, which we call Hard and Heart: • Hard: we help teams to sharpen their ambition and KPIs and teach them to steer towards them time and again, by means of holding an effective performance dialogue in which goals are really achieved; • Heart: we ensure that each team pays attention to how each employee is placed in the competition, how they can be facilitated, and that they get help if they have a question. And we teach them how to give feedback to each other, with the goal of continuously improving the team and the individual. At the same time, we also encourage teams to celebrate their successes together.

How do we set about this? In a ‘wave’ of 10 weeks we guide the selected teams intensively. In these waves we facilitate the work sessions, make daily observations and give constant coaching-on-the-job. Our Impuls approach is special because we combine both our coaching and consulting skills. In this way we are in an excellent position to train teams and to coach them daily on the work content, the process and the people. Consequences can thus be linked to their behaviour, partly by using concrete tools which are employed in various situations.

Our IG&H colleagues are present on the work floor every day to give on-the-spot feedback to managers and their staff. This enables us to relate to the starting point and the needs of each team, which leads to tailored advice being given within a standard approach.

Our approach has already led to many sustainable hard and soft results for big clients, for example:

Hard results:

  • Higher client satisfaction (e.g. NPS up from -12 to +17 and Customer Effort Score down from 2.4 to 2.0)

  • Significant reduction in mistakes made (percentage mistakes in Operations down from 11% to 1.5%)

Soft results:

  • A safe environment for feedback created

  • More intensive cooperation and targeted action

  • More transparency and focus within teams

Our Impuls projects are highly appreciated and have an average Net Promotor Score of +70; this is also apparent from our clients’ feedback on our efforts:

  1. “The programme ensures that people can now really enter discussions on the basis of trust and content.”

  2. “IG&H is sharp, on the ball, persistent … with the goal of bringing the organization to a higher structural level.”

  3. “IG&H is very involved up to the last moment. They aim at making continuous improvements towards a long-term goal.”

We would like to share our approach and best practices with you. Because it’s the employees’ behaviour together that determines your company’s result!

Would you like to know more about our tried and tested Impuls approach? Jorien Weerdenburg

T: 06 - 22 20 36 32 Robin van Wankum 

T: 06 - 53 31 39 69

Jorien and Robin both work as senior managers at IG&H and are active in the domain of changing culture and behaviour every day.


Interested in what IG&H can do for you? Contact us!


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