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Granular share of wallet data for all major product lines for truly data-driven sales management

What they wanted

Make data-driven choices in the broker market: that is what leading Dutch omnichannel insurers want to be able to do. Key questions are: Who are today and tomorrow’s leading brokers? Where do we stand in terms of both volume and NPS? How do we enhance our position to realize sustainable growth? To this end, they wanted to gather in-depth data on volume, movements, share of wallet, and NPS.

Developed two unique instruments

We developed two unique instruments. With our Performance Monitor, we measure the performance (satisfaction regarding various aspects as well as NPS) of insurance companies with their leading brokers on a continuous basis. Moreover, we use our Distribution Monitor to create an overview of several things. First, the size and movements of the broker market. Second, the position and movement of all individual brokers. And finally, the participating insurance companies’ share of wallet per product line.

What we achieved

There are several substantial goals that we achieved over the past years. By combining performance and share of wallet data, for example, we provided unique insights into the manner in which different segments should be targeted to improve growth and NPS. Also, we supported major insurers in realizing showcases regarding both volume and NPS in the broker market. Moreover, we realized 50-80% market coverage on all major product lines.

Incidentally, both of the instruments that we use are seen as the industry standard within the insurance market.

What they said

“The Performance Monitor and Distribution Monitor have become an indispensable part of our way of working. They have made it possible to classify and service our brokers on a one-to-one basis.”

Do you want insight into your market position within the insurance sector? Then take part in our performance and / or distribution monitor. Jan Pieter van der Helm will be happy to tell you about the benefits.


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