What they wanted
In the UMC, a variety of specialties work on the locomotor system, both in terms of providing care and performing research. The university hospital wanted to unite several specialties, centering them around the patient. The goal was to develop and apply innovative treatments for complex knee problems.

What we did
Together with the specialists involved, management, support staff, and paramedical employees, we created the proposition and the organizational model. We used this to connect various specialties and interests. Moreover, we drew up a convincing business case. With this solid foundation, we quickly started ‘Launch & Learn,’ the first multidisciplinary pilot in the outpatient department.

What we achieved
Within three months, the pilot has been scaled up to a mature, busy, and leading practice. Internally, the department has become exemplary for multidisciplinary collaboration on care, research, and innovation. It is also one of the most cited best practices in the hospital. Additionally, patient numbers and patient satisfaction have increased significantly.

What they said
“Adopting this way of working was a long-cherished wish and ambition of us. We had made drafts and explored the possibilities before – also with the support of other agencies. But without IG&H, we never would have been able to actually realize our plans.”


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