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Your partner for
profitable growth in travel

Although the travel sector has made a strong recovery in past years, the market has also changed considerably. The demand for travel is as high as ever. Yet, consumers also expect more authentic and personalized experiences than before. Travel companies are confronted with a plethora of challenges: climate change, personnel shortages, inflation and disruptions at international airports to name a few.


With our experience in the travel sector we understand these challenges like no other. From strategic advice to the development and maintenance of smart technological solutions, IG&H is your partner for profitable growth in travel.

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Let great ideas travel

Reach your customers with data science, low-code and sector expertise

Discover 5 paths to profitable growth in travel:

Define your distinctive business strategy

The travel sector is undergoing a transformation. The classic allotment model is under pressure. Consumers demand more personalized experiences, while climate change and geopolitical developments require agility.


Together, we formulate a business strategy that fits with the DNA of your organization. Not just on paper, but as our methodology says: “Make Strategy Work”!

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Booking platform for travelling on tablet

Streamline for efficiency

Increase the quality of your internal processes, improve your customer service and increase employee satisfaction by streamlining and automating repetitive manual processes. Experience the power of low-code platforms, RPA and AI.

We help you realize unprecedented efficiency in record time within your entire organization. You can count on our in-house developers, data scientists and sector experts.

Unleash your growth potential in our innovation lab

Increase your competitive advantage, build customer loyalty and discover new growth possibilities that fit the true needs of the market.

Launch innovative business models and new customer-centric propositions with the help of our proven innovation lab approach.

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“We developed ANWB Reisopmaat with a technology-driven approach, treating it as a start-up within our organization. IG&H guided us through an innovative way of working in which new business models, technology as an accelerator and data science 'to get it right’ were central.”


Gert-Jan Bressers | Director of round trips ANWB Reizen

Craft a distinctive customer experience with data and analytics

Astonish existing customers with personalized experiences, attract new customers with a targeted approach, and increase customer satisfaction, conversion and profit margins.

We help you increase your customer value by making clever use of data-driven insights and AI solutions.

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Drive value with dual-speed digital transformation

Replacing your legacy with tailored solutions requires substantial investments and carries inherent risks. To drive successful implementation, we identify the highest business value generated and approach change through a dual-speed implementation strategy.


Short-term fixes create immediate value for you. In parallel, we create space and mitigate risks for a long-term sustainable solution.


Ready to get things moving?

With our broad experience in the travel sector we understand the challenges you face and can help you stand out from the competition. Our experts make the difference by translating sector knowledge into tangible solutions that fit the DNA of your organization, based on data and technology. Be relevant for your customers with IG&H as your partner, now and in the future. Let’s get in touch to see how we can help.

Bram Gilliam

Managing Director Travel

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Bram Gilliam, Managing Director Travel at IGH
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