What they wanted
This life insurer aimed to perform better in terms of NPS and MTV through team collaboration. Moreover, it wanted to improve customer service on a continuous basis. But the implementation stalled due to a limited elaboration of the strategy, low ownership at several levels, and insufficient operational control within the value chain. The organization was aware of this and wished to achieve sustainable improvement in all these areas. Extra focus on the behavioral component and the establishment of self-managing teams was required. To secure these, internal coaches had to take over supervision in due course.

What we did
Our passionate coaches rolled out ‘Impuls’ – their own proven approach – in every team within the organization. They ensured a balance between ‘hard’ and ‘heart’ by focusing on results andthe human aspect. Employees received sensitive guidance on starting the performance dialogue: we gave them confidence while constantly challenging them in terms of performance. As a result, the form of collaboration and objectives were sharpened. We encouraged employees to pursue these things. The building blocks of our approach: clarifying KPIs, providing on-the-spot feedback, and applying a ‘coach the coach’ technique – as well as measuring, encouraging, or discouraging behavior.

What we achieved
A new way of working (together) has been integrated into the daily operations of the organization. As a result, all teams – totaling more than 200 employees – are self-managing. Their results in terms of NPS, lead time, quality, sales, productivity, and OTIF have improved. Moreover, employee satisfaction has increased. Staff members feel more involved in the organization and have more positive energy. Absenteeism has decreased, along with the related cost. Moreover, a culture of continuous improvement and feedback has been created. To foster and secure it, seven champions took over our coaching in stages.

What they said
“IG&H adopted an extremely professional and results-oriented approach,” said the client. “I am a warm supporter of Impuls.” The CFO added, “The Impuls process with IG&H was innovative. It gave energy to the people and the organization, and it served as a push in the right direction.”


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