What they wanted
A life insurer wanted to reach a decision and realize a supported roadmap to greatly simplify the vast diversity of product variants. To this end, it was crucial to identify the products’ common features and main differences. The organization also needed to find a way to bridge the differences. A perfect balance between implementing improvements for customers and monitoring their affordability was essential. Important questions included: What are our principles and starting points? How do we create a phased, controlled roadmap? What is the right order and which lead time should we take into account?

What we did
First, we made a rigorous, transparant breakdown of all products. Together, we gained insight into the nature and scope of the sub-issues involved – an overview of the whole and an understanding of its parts. We made appropriate proposals for gaps in the target product range, taking the right mix of creativity and legal options into account.  The effort required for realizing these proposals was subsequently assessed from all relevant perspectives.

What we achieved
After approving the main simplification proposals, the management team initiated their implementation. As a result, over 1 million insurance policies were turned into a better, more flexible product. The insurer realized significant cost savings regarding the management and design of the future application landscape.

What they said
“IG&H boiled a complex question down to the essence and formulated the answers in collaboration with our organization, based on a shared model.”


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