Unexpected closing of a hospital; demand and supply of hospital services

What they wanted

A durable, feasible and a broadly supported vision on the future of healthcare delivery after a very abrupt bankruptcy of a hospital in the Dutch province of Flevoland. The unexpected closing of the hospital in Lelystad led to very diverse questions regarding the demand and supply of hospital services while emotions were running high. Clear facts and a solid vision on the future were needed. The project was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Health and we presented our final report to Bruno Bruins, the minister for Medical Care and Sport.

What we did

We created a robust basis of information for all parties involved by thoroughly analysing the current and future supply and demand in the province. The factbook that we created was discussed with all stakeholders. Based on these sessions we made additions and added more focus to certain topics.

Due to this strong fundament we were able to continue with a deep dive into complicated subjects. We discussed a variety of topics like acute care and acute obstetrics with healthcare professionals and civil servants. We involved the CEO’s of healthcare institutions together with the management and majors of the municipalities in a separate workgroup. This ensured that the right subjects were discussed with the right professionals on an appropriate level.

Towards the end of the 6 months project we created an Agenda for Healthcare. A hands-on approach to improve and adjust the healthcare delivery in the province. This agenda combined with our final report were the guidelines for all stakeholders to jointly make the next steps.

What they said

The whole 6 months process was very careful and precise. It resulted both in a very solid vision and a renewed sense of trust between all the stakeholders. This was needed since the relations and the mutual confidence were very low when the project started.

IG&H is truly a sector insider with relevant knowledge in different subsectors of the healthcare domain. The consultants were able to smoothly navigate around the pitfalls, communicated professionally with very different types of healthcare professionals and realised impressive results in a complex environment.

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