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UMC: correct care administration

What we did First, we created a process design – using the ist and soll model – and set up the Lines of Defense. Then, we identified the care administration’s performance indicators and defined the information model. The rollout of the program setup to the care units was successful. Together, we identified, listed, clustered, and prioritized the tasks of the care administration team as well as their points for improvement. After that, we set up the program organization. We also put together weekly stand-up meetings, day start meetings, and a training course in advisory skills.

What we achieved Together, we designed an optimal chain of registration. All care provision is now registered and claimed only once – at the source – in a complete, correct, and timely manner. Additionally, we set up a Lines of Defense model, and we have ensured that the entire organization is committed to 7 registration securities. Furthermore, we introduced a new way of working, tightening priorities, project activities, and the allocation of tasks. Focus has been placed on transparent communications regarding processes and substantive matters. Moreover, openness and feedback have improved collaboration.

What they said “In terms of quality, IG&H has done an excellent job providing methods that we can apply in practice. IG&H made a difference. It has been tangible in the solution they offered, but also in its reception and the way it works in practice. The organization has noticed a positive energy boost.”


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