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Taking master data management capability and awareness to the next level

What we did We adopted a two-phased approach: while building the fundament, it was also possible to realize short-term impact. Our program was set up around four must-win battles with high client involvement. There was approximately 50 FTE involved, and we needed to enable a cultural change. Furthermore, we encouraged the business through a hands-on supportive approach, creating a highly constructive atmosphere. For example, we organized many workshops and sessions. Finally, our Agile approach provided a solid ICT fundament, focused on prioritized deliverables in sprints. This was combined with the realization of quick wins in the form of process improvements.

What we achieved Data processes have gone live and product data were 100% ready to enable the online platform. Revenues were around €1 billion in 2015. Four key processes have been redesigned and implemented, resulting in a uniform way of working. Moreover, reports are being generated, and there is reporting governance: operation is steered through both operational KPIs and data-quality KPIs. Also, a clear cultural change has been established, facilitating a data-is-revelant-for-all-attitude.

What they said

“IG&H gave structure to the approach and thus increased throughput significantly. It contributed considerably to establishing the necessary cultural change and attitude towards data and data quality."


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