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What can mortgage organizations learn from football teams?

Meet your goals with a data-driven strategy

What can a mortgage organization learn from a football team? Well, you don’t need to be big to win. Instead, be smart about how you play the game. An football team from Amsterdam beat several bigger clubs in the European Champions League 2018-2019. A smaller club with a comparatively humble budget, advancing through the Champions League... How did they do it?

With the power of data.

Using data, they managed to beat far bigger clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus! Besides winning matches, the team also applies data for long-term benefits. Similarly, using data, AI and machine learning enable mortgage organizations to harness the untapped potential for acquiring new clients. It also helps them better service existing ones. Would you like some inspiration on how to start crafting a data strategy, along with three examples of how smart data use can benefit mortgage organizations?

No clear goal yet? Get inspiration from us on starting your data strategy. Explore examples detailing how you can tap into the power of data to meet your goals more efficiently.


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