Patient Evacuation Coordination tool operational within 2 weeks

What they wanted

When the National Coordination Centre for Patient Distribution (LCPS in Dutch) started and became fully operational within four days, processes where designed and needed to be finetuned. Soon after we concluded that the tools, which consisted mainly of Office(-like) products, wouldn’t be sufficient to support the complex operation we had to deal with. We needed something that:

  • could handle the complexity of all processes

  • could adapt along the road due to new insights or needs

  • must be so easy and intuitive in use, for hospitals in stressful situations

  • must assure proper handling of the data regarding privacy and reporting; and

  • should be in place yesterday, since we were in the ‘middle’ of a crisis

What we did

With our IG&H colleagues in Portugal we were able to deploy the first version of the Patient Evacuation Coordination Cell (PECC) tool within two weeks. And adjusted it to be fully operational capable within another two weeks. For this we used the advanced low-code technology of our partner Outsystems.

The tool supports 3 major processes, it:

  • brings together the patient movement requests from all hospitals

  • enables the Regional Coordination Centres for Patient Distribution (RCPS-en) to act upon those requests or forward the request to the LCPS if there is no capacity available in the region; and

  • supports the organisation of the transport by ambulance or mobile intensive care unit to the destination hospital

This would have been impossible without a couple of key ingredients:

  • An existing team attuned to each other and willing to go the extra mile

  • Fully aligned business – in our case patient distribution – and technology

  • Extremely short cycles of building, testing, deploying and adjusting based on user experience

  • OutSystems platform technology, which enabled us to develop and adapt fast, with the highest standard of security and deploy (‘it felt like’) yesterday

What they said

IG&H pulled it off. They brought together the right mixture of people, knowledge and technology to build the system that is the main tool to support the distribution of Covid patients. This enabled us to act fast on every patient movement request and to make sure that all patients receive the care they needed, even if this was abroad in Germany. Also in the second wave this tool is still used by every hospital and Dutch Acute Care Region (ROAZ in Dutch).

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