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Next-gen core platform for debt relief and administration

What they wanted

With increasing challenges of people struggling with debt, our client asked us to build a next-gen core platform to handle their operations and client interaction. This market-leading company experienced the need to maintain their competitive edge and reducing the costs to assist and help people in debt even better. With a capricious IT transformation past for the last 20 years, fast and high-end delivery was essential. Their financial and client administration process was highly manual and especially the postal and client interaction required a lot of back-and-forth, precious time and lots of information.

What we did

With all the requested requirements already documented, we started with a sizing in OutSystems. With this sizing we made a precise estimation of the work needed to be delivered. After a highly successful proof of concept containing the most important operational functions, we started building towards a first production deployment. Based on a Microsoft Azure cloud we integrated many third-party solutions to innovate and accelerate. By integrating with a new specialised DMS and a new innovative payment and bank accounts provider these processes were improved significantly. Delivery and innovation were the main driver for success as well as, harvesting value and lessons learned, preparing, and realizing the full IT with premium services, process, and organizational change.

What we achieved

Within a few months we build a supreme proof of concept, directly developed further towards a first production release for a small team. Growing in functionality the core platform was deployed step by step in the whole organisation. As IG&H we doubled the given organisational goals. The new core platform not only accelerates the processes and reduces costs; it also provides whole new capabilities. The focus of debt relief and administration changed towards a more people-oriented approach. Administration was the main workload, with the new core platform and innovations that changed, giving the employees more space to dive into the root causes of client and their debt struggle.

What they said

“The highest code quality combined with fast delivery we ever encountered in comparable large projects”


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