New, innovative sales platform for travel agency

A differentiating value proposition in the travel industry

A leading European travel agency had been focused on packaged travel. Over the last few years, they observed a shift in consumer behavior toward the need for more control, flexibility and certainty. In response, they enlisted IG&H’s help to create a new business model and value proposition that would meet these needs while also helping them appeal to a younger demographic. For IG&H, the first challenge was to prove the technical feasibility of such an innovative and disruptive solution.

Systematically addressing the unknown

IG&H applied disciplined yet highly iterative and explorative development cycles to address the inherent “unknowns” in proving the technical and commercial viability of the concept.

Together with the client, IG&H formed a small, multidisciplinary self-steering team with short decision lines and substantial autonomy. The team used continuous customer research to validate and sharpen the uniqueness and desirability of the proposition. The Scrum methodology was applied to showcase results in bi-weekly demos and release improvements to the live production environment.

To accelerate the innovation, IG&H used the OutSystems low-code development platform. The team relied heavily on the platform’s ability to easily integrate with 3rd parties and existing back end systems, and enable rapid feature development. Data science was applied in the form of a self-learning algorithm that analyzed hundreds of thousands of data points to make relevant recommendations to customers and continuously improve the application on the fly based on customer behavior. Leveraging these key capabilities, IG&H was able to deliver an innovative travel ecommerce platform that provided a seamless customer experience and was truly unique and differentiating in the market.

The results

The travel agency’s new ecommerce platform is currently accessible by more than 4 million people. At launch it was integrated with over 500,000 accommodations, and over 90% of all commercial flights and car-rental options worldwide. The agency also has a new customer-driven and highly automated business model with more efficient processes that have increased profitability by at least a factor of three.

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