Meeting the client’s expectations

What they wanted

As a health insurer, our client is known to provide their clients with top level healthcare. Due to several market- and internal issues, they were no longer able to fully meet their client’s expectations. The insurer was losing clients and the financial results declined. Our client wants to break through this downward spiral.

What we did

We started with an extensive search to find the root causes and set a new direction. As is expected in a situation as this, there was not one easy fix. The brand was still strong and unique in the market, so we had to realign every activity back to the brand promise. This meant changes in several parts of the value chain. But it also meant guiding teams and leadership into a more successful and sustainable way of working and becoming more mature in lean management (operations teams) and the agile way of working (delivery teams).

Together we set-up a close partnership and commitment with the leadership team. We helped the project teams make these proposed changes, either by providing in depth analysis or guiding the teams along the way.

What they said

"IG&H is known for their sector expertise, professionalism, and commitment. The consultants guide the organisation in a sustainable way on a strategical, tactical level and change ability."

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