Getting the Coordination Centre for Patient Distribution (LCPS) up and running within four days

What they wanted

In March 2020 the ministry of Health and Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the Dutch Acute Care Network, asked a team of IG&H to help spread the workload of Covid patients across the Netherlands. It was the beginning of the Covid pandemic in our country. Mainly hospitals in the south and west were struggling to provide the medical care needed for a flood wave of terribly ill patients. There was no central system and no infrastructure in place to move these patients to regions with more capacity. Together with the Dutch military we designed a process and started moving the patients with help from regional networks and the individual hospitals.

What we did

Within four days the National Coordination Centre for Patient Distribution (LCPS in Dutch) was established and fully operational. It consisted of five cells: Command, Current, Plans, Resources and Communication. Four of these five cells were led by colleagues from IG&H. Partner of the Health practice of IG&H, Bas Leerink, led the LCPS personally. IG&H took charge of the logistically and medically challenging process of the actual patient distribution. Moreover, we played a crucial role in forecasting of the course of the pandemic in the Netherlands.

We also designed and executed an elaborate communication strategy to inform all our partners. In very challenging times with constantly and rapidly changing circumstances we were able to enlighten our stakeholders with forecasts, newsletters and information sheets regarding the development of the crisis.

We communicated on a daily basis with CEO’s of hospitals and acute care regions and were in close contact with the Ministry of Health and the minister responsible for the Covid crisis.

At the peak of the crisis, the LCPS employed around 200 professionals of which around 60 medical students that were all directed and supervised by IG&H. During the first Covid wave more than 700 patients were moved to another part of the country where they received the critical care needed for them to survive. Between the first and second wave in the Netherlands IG&H prepared and executed the moving of the LCPS from Rotterdam to Zeist in the centre of the country.

Due to solid preparation, we were able to act fast when the second wave again asked for distribution of Covid patients. To do this we worked closely together with other healthcare professionals so that we could hand-over the lead of the LCPS. Because of our involvement in the first wave and intensive knowledge we again were asked to start up and support the LCPS from end September through end December. During this period more than 2.000 patients were moved to a place where they could receive the needed and essential care.

What they said

IG&H played a crucial role in the distribution of Covid patients in both the first and second wave in the Netherlands. Because of their essential contribution, their enormous effort and dedication and their ability to ‘get things done’, hospitals were able to battle the virus and overcome the flood waves of Covid patients. They were able to pull this off because of their knowledge of the Dutch healthcare system, their hands-on approach combined with solid project management and their unique and likeable people that go the extra mile.

Short movie about the National Coordination Centre for Patient Distribution (LCPS)

Documentary (in Dutch)

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