Enable a hospital to position itself (inter)nationally

What they wanted

In a world with increasing care demand, medical technologies and complex clinical pictures, a Dutch academical children’s hospital wanted to reposition itself with a clear portfolio. The hospital realised there was a mismatch between research topics, education and the care they provided, and didn’t know how they were performing on the different aspects. A clear portfolio would help the hospital to position itself (inter)nationally as a frontrunner on specific diseases. By matching research, education and care to the portfolio, the quality and results of care will increase. Eventually this will also lead to attraction of new (subregional) patients as well as employees.

What we did

We started by doing an extended portfolio analysis to identify the current performance of the hospital. Therefore, we analysed, per disease, the volume and trend, the origin of the patients, the market share of the hospital, the appearance of multi-morbidity, the demand on capacity, financials and performance in research. The results were visualised and validated with the staff. For the management, the results clearly indicated the ‘good performers’ and the less performing medical conditions. With this overview the management could make well-founded decisions about the portfolio. For the portfolio analysis we used a model-based approach, that we also could easily use for another department within the hospital.

What they said

Extensive and thorough analyses, attractively visualised results and a validation round contributed to well-founded choices and support within the staff.

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