Developing an innovative customer driven travel eCommerce platform

What they wanted

Historically being focussed on packaged travel, the travel agency observed a shift in consumer needs towards more self control, flexibility and security. We set out to develop a value proposition and (digital) business model that would address these needs ánd would be economically viable. Given the innovative nature of the new concept the first challenge was to proof the technical feasibility of such an innovative and disruptive solution.

What we did

We applied disciplined, yet highly iterative and explorative, development cycles to address the inherent “unknowns” in proving the economic and technical viability of the concept.

Together with the client we formed a small, multidisciplinary self-steering team with short decision lines and substantial autonomy. We used continuous customer research to validate and sharpen the distinctiveness and desirability of the proposition. The scrum methodology was applied to deliver the product in short iterations.

The main technology of choice was the OutSystems low code platform to accelerate the innovation. We heavily relied on it’s ease of integration with new 3rd parties, it’s integrating capabilities with existing client back-end systems, and it’s ability to rapidly develop features to differentiate the proposition in the market. Subsequently all of this was brought together in a travel ecommerce platform with seamless customer experience

What we achieved

We created a platform accessible by more than 4 million people. At launch we integrated with more than 100.000 accommodations world wide. We created a new customer driven and highly automated business model with not only more efficient processes, but also leading to a substantial higher profitability of at least factor 3.

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