Developing a model to predict future needs

What they wanted

One of the mid size hospitals in the Netherlands had the ambition to redefine the profiles of the two large and four smaller locations, and make them fit with their overall strategy.

The current situation has existed for 20 years and was no longer fit for future, due to the fact that two hospital locations were offering the same type of care, limited e-health, while specialisation and optimising capacity are the norm. In a challenging sector facing shortage of health professionals and a continuously rising demand of patients care, IG&H was asked to guide this project.

What we did

In close collaboration with the client's core team, we started to map health supply and demand in the overall region and within the hospital itself. Based on these shared facts, we facilitated doctors and managers in formulating their future vision and used these to compose several possible scenarios for the future of the hospital and the two locations. We developed a model to link healthcare activities, capacity and financials to predict the future needs and performance for the different scenarios. In addition, we organised several events to share success stories within the hospital and we took the lead in involving external stakeholders.

What they said

Accurate way of working, diligent process and thorough approach, high level of expertise. A keen eye for underlying resistance and conflicting interests, and not afraid to step in and resolve issues.

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