Defining the organisational blueprint for a Dutch insurer

What they wanted

Our client was a multichannel Dutch insurer. After redefining its commercial and technology strategy, it became eminent their current organisational set-up would not support this new strategy, and years of unstructured growth led to an unfocused clustering of activities. They wanted to create a future-proof organisational set-up, quantify the benefits of digitalisation and along the way refine business requirements for a new IT system.

What we did

We set up a joint IG&H and customer team of experts and a select number of business line managers. First, we defined organisational principles that aligned to the new strategy. Second, we identified all activities that take place in the organisation. Third, we clustered the activities so they would align to the principles to create a first draft of the future organisation. Fourth and last, for each of the activities the business and IT requirements were detailed to create a crisp set of criteria for selection of a new administration and workflow system, and to be able to quantify the benefits of digitalisation of some of the processes.

What we achieved

In three months’ time we have detailed a coherent organisational set-up, detailed requirements for the selection of new IT systems and quantified the benefits of process digitalisation. Not just by outside-in dictating, but really by bottom-up specification of requirements and wishes. Once realised, the combined organisational and IT set-up should lower personnel expenses by 20%.

What they said

IG&H really did a good job helping us in this transition

“A thorough analysis that aligns bottom-up input and middle management buy-in with top-down alignment to our strategy. IG&H really did a good job helping us in this transition, it is our preferred partner for these kind of subjects.”

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