Boost online profitability of a leading Benelux eCommerce platform

What they wanted

Online revenues are increasing rapidly, but profitability in the e-commerce channel under pressure due to high costs. However, no insights in specific profitability per product and baskets where available, leaving the commercial staff to only steer on front margin – ignoring all product-specific costs such as inventory, logistics, returns, waste or contacts with the call centre.

What we did

To get going, we started by building a data pipeline: connecting 20 data sources to the data warehouse. Upon the data warehouse we developed 25 allocation algorithms (costs and revenues) in the cloud to output the data to a well-known self-service BI-dashboard. Finalizing the technical part, we created dashboard views based upon 4 types of users (merchants, online team, supply chain/logistics and finance) to give online profitability insights and trigger a call to action.

Once everything in place, we piloted & trained the >100 users: hands on role out to understand the methodology but equally let them define improvement-initiatives to improve online profitability. A final and critical step is ensuring the dashboard insights are and will be used; we jointly defined clear roles & responsibilities and governance (meeting structure and KPI’s)

What we achieved

>100 users have now the tools & organisational setup in place to boost online profitability and are doing so!

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