Award-winning solution

What they wanted

This global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions wants to transform the healthcare sector through innovation and building sustainable value-based models of platform enhanced care. Thereby putting the patient at the centre of innovative design.

This customer focusses on rapid adaptation to and anticipation of patients’ needs in a relentless pursuit of better healthcare for all. For this the customer also needs rapid development and relentless deployment of high-quality digital solutions.

What we did

Together with the client-organisation on the both the business side as the IT side we developed multiple platforms for specialised care products for several EMEA countries.

We did this by leveraging our strategic partnership with OutSystems, applying the best low-code platform available to develop solutions. The implemented platforms include automated data-links and uploads from patient-devices, including data management, comprehensive patient-caregiver contact support (EHR, scheduling, training, tracking of health-metrics) and self-management by patients. Through excellent co-operation, design and implementation excellence and a strict application of Scrum-Agile we achieved timely delivery (100% leadtime precision) within budget (no overruns to date) of high-quality platform solutions (80% BonCode quality).

What they said

IG&H is a preferred full-service partner in realising digital roadmaps through the application of a broad range of services including low-code development and testing, solution support, advanced analytics and agile delivery. OutSystems recognised our excellent partnership with this customer with the prestigious 2020 innovation award.

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