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Award winning data driven mortgages

What they wanted

To apply for a mortgage, you need to hand over dozens of documents. From salary slip till debt proof and a copy of your passport. The processing of all these documents takes a great deal of time and is more susceptible to fraud and error. This can be done smarter and better with data. To accelerate the handling time and decrease the number of errors, a leading mortgage lender asked us to make several processes fully data driven. In this way the lender became ready for the future.

What we did

We helped our client to implement data driven solutions to automate their mortgage process. Based on our extensive experience of delivering full straight through processing solutions, we helped our client to select the appropriate partners to process the relevant client-data. In short this came down to three main parts. The first part was the selection and integration of a tool (i.e. iWize and Ockto) to make direct data delivery by clients possible. The second part is related tot the selection of the right service provider which could directly process data into the back-office based on HDN-standards. The third part is about using government registers as a source of client data to increase the data quality and thereby complying with ever increasing due diligence regulations.

What we achieved

By taking a step by step approach, digitizing each process at a time, we were able to feed the agile sprints cycles in a controllable way so that the project was finished in time. Next to successfully transforming documents to data, we also helped our client coping with he impact of this change on risk management and compliance. Since most mortgages are applied for with the help of an intermediary, we successfully integrated the solution into an advisory package (in dutch: adviespakket). Now clients only have to use DigiD to log into the app and deliver the required data. After the data is checked, it is sent directly to the mortgage lender. The mortgage provider is now automating more and more processes and is becoming more and more data driven. In 2020 our client received an award for this innovation.

What they said

“A party that really has a lot of knowledge of the sector and knows what the most exciting developments are”. – CEO of a top-10 mortgage provider.


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