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Digital transformation starts with innovating your platform. Companies spend a lot of resources on maintaining expensive, inflexible systems, thus weakening their competitive position. The key to success: building digital capabilities that ultimately result in a digital culture. ​Our Low Code Platform Delivery Team consists of top OutSystems experts with a combined development experience of 150+ years. They possess a full range of certifications and have extensive knowledge of development, architecture, and mobile. Add IG&H’s deep sector knowledge and expertise, and you get our unique, effective approach which addresses our clients’ business challenges. Read more about our propositions below:

End-to-end delivery

High-productivity platforms such as OutSystems have created business disruption while boosting complex organisations’ innovation capabilities. OutSystems is the current market leader, and IG&H delivers the required capacity and experience to cover your digital transformation program end to end, setting the highest quality standards.

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Platform & architecture services

Want to build a service-oriented architecture with IG&H? Take advantage of the full potential of OutSystems’ platform. With the help of our expert architects, you can ensure architecture designs are of proper quality and in line with your strategy.


With OutSystems’ platform, we can develop your entire range of mobile native apps, easily integrating them with your existing IT landscape. OutSystems is designed to provide high-level automation of development and operations activities, enabling a much faster delivery of your applications.

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