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Working Parents | The ProudMom programme

The ProudMom programme focusses on supporting young mothers to get their work and private life in balance.

Merel Koster-Broek, Manager Transformation at IG&H, talks about the ProudMom programme: “Last year, I became a mother for the second time. During my pregnancy, IG&H offered me to participate in the ProudMom programme, just like they did during my first pregnancy. Getting this extra support from ProudMom was really nice, in the end, many things change when you become a mom and your family expands.

There are three types of guidance offered by ProudMom: personal training, coaching, and nutritional advice. My life changed significantly after my second child. The personal trainer helped me to get fit again. The coach and I could talk about the balance between work and private life, as well as about more personal matters. Looking back, I regret not getting the nutritional advise this time, because I experienced how much energy it took me to breastfeed my son. Nutritional advise could have helped in anticipating on that.

In my opinion, the programme is super valuable, because keeping work and private life in balance is not always that easy. I feel like IG&H is open to learn from my experiences, and thereby I feel great to being able to also help new and future moms.“


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