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IG&H acquires i2i and Beter Healthcare

Healthcare organizations receive stronger support in their digital transformation 

Healthcare in the Netherlands faces enormous challenges: the ageing population, the increasing range of medical possibilities to keep people alive, and the acute shortage of personnel to provide all that care. An example that represents this landslide of changes is the policy initiated to transform care in many areas and connect it to the municipal domain. Cooperation in the region and beyond, accelerated digitalization and organizing data availability are each an enormous task, but they are also interdependent.  

IG&H has built up a leading role in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands in recent years from its advisory role. However, to fully support the sector with its much-needed (digital) transformation, more is required. The acquisitions made have the potential to successfully shape that support. 

IG&H expanded its healthcare services with the acquisitions of i2i, Beter Healthcare and, in April of 2023, Truston.  

These will help achieve our mission of making healthcare better, durable and patient-centered.  Our clients will also benefit from these opportunities in the transformations resulting from the Integral Care Agreement (Dutch Het Integraal Zorg Akkord). i2i offers transparency within the sector with efficiency analyses and benchmarking. Beter Healthcare is an ICT consulting firm in the healthcare industry. Amongst other capabilities, the firm specializes in implementing electronic patient records (Dutch Elektronisch Patiënt Dossier or EPD). 


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