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Credit Decisioning


Connecting supply chains for end-to-end visibility, collaboration and integral real-time control.


Make informed decisions

Streamline communication



Eliminate manual workload

Get ahead of the curve by becoming hyper connected

Typical components of
becoming hyper connected

Supply Chain Control Tower

  • Real-time holistic view of the current status of the SC on multiple levels across actors, with root-cause analysis, predictive analytics, and scenario modeling capability

(Supplier) collaboration hub

  • Central platform for all interaction and data exchange with suppliers and other (logistical) partners.

  • Enable partners to access and provide data (e.g. FCs, order mgt, invoicing, etc.), enable self-service and measure performance

Product traceability

  • Ability to trace products and materials up- and downstream, with the help of accurate and timely data, to allow informed decision making


Digital Supply Chain

Intelligent Steering

Deploying advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence for better decision-making and supply chain steering.

Intelligent steering

Improved product availability

Reduced overstock at product end-date


operating cost

Supply chain


Get ahead of the curve through intelligent steering

Typical components of intelligent steering

Forecasting and shaping demand

  • Creating an accurate prediction of customer demand and aiming to influence the forecast where needed. Involves  demand forecasting (complete assortment, different product types, all sales channels) and demand shaping (pricing, promotions)


Dynamic inventory management

  • Aligning inventory management to supply chain goals (e.g., cost or availability) through advanced analytics. Involves production and procurement (make vs. buy, production planning, supply management), and distribution (replenishment, allocation)

Intelligent goods flow

  • Optimizing the movement of goods from suppliers and manufacturers to customers through a smart distribution network. Involves planning and execution of warehousing (dynamic slotting, labour planning), transportation (mode and carrier selection, route optimization), and returns (cost vs. sustainability)

Integrated scenario planning

  • Creating and evaluating potential scenarios and their impact on all stages of the supply chain in support of E2E planning and resilience processes (S&OP, IBP). Involves supply chain modelling (“what-if” scenarios, simulations), and impact assessments (risks, deviations in supply and demand, and other relevant insights for decision-making)

Digital Supply Chain

Future Proof Design

Design and transform end-to-end supply chains to increase agility, enhance resilience, cut costs, enable new propositions and drive growth and sustainability.

Futue Proof Design

Improved product availability

Reduced overstock at product end-date


operating cost

Supply chain


Get ahead of the curve through a future proof design

Typical components of
a future proof design

End-to-end supply chain network design

  • Designing the end-to-end supply chain network (supplier to consumer) with an integral strategy-driven approach that balances different trade-offs related to costs & requirements.

Smart warehousing & automation

  • Smart warehouse design (function, layout, material handling, tools, BI) and system partner selection (mechanisation, WMS) to realise the state-of-the-art according to desired specifications.

Sustainable last-mile ecosystems

  • New services ‘behind the front door’ are emerging every day. We support retailers and LSPs to define their last-mile strategy, to secure capacity, to accelerate their sustainability efforts and leverage tech and data to grow ecosystems around the last mile.

Supply chain IT architecture

  • Defining supply chain IT (and (master) data) architecture that enables organisations to operate their digitally powered supply chains more effectively.

Digitizing supply chains

With over 35 years of supply chain experience, we understand the complexity of transforming supply chains. We bring all necessary capabilities together and ensure digitization of your supply chain lands with your organization, moving towards increased visibility, agility and E2E supply chain control. Let’s get in touch to see how we can help.

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Jasper van Rijn
Managing Director Retail
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