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Product and service catalog offers clarity to pension provider Achmea Pensioenservices

  • Achmea Pensioenservices needed a product and service catalog (Dutch Producten- en Dienstencatalogus or PDC) to cater to different service levels

  • Extensive and unforeseen customizations prevented digital (STP) implementation without manual steps

  • IG&H co-created the catalog, adding clarity to APS' service offerings

  • The PDC enabled the organization to work more efficiently

At a glance:

As the pensions sector is increasingly embracing more sophisticated IT solutions, the issue of demand and service management arises. With a clear structure, not only a pricing model but also expectations can be managed better - whether the focus is on operational excellence or more personal customer service.

Achmea Pensioenservices (APS), is a multi-client pension provider who needed a product and service catalog (Dutch Producten- en Dienstencatalogus or PDC) that would conveniently cater to different service levels. Together with APS, we co-created the catalog to enable their strategic mission of becoming the best digital pension provider while adding clarity to service offerings.

Clarity is key

Over the years, this pension provider made various service agreements with its customers. However, in practice, these agreements sometimes expanded or even stepped outside the agreed-upon services due to extensive customization. While this may sound like adaptability, this presents a bit of a roadblock. These unforeseen customizations prevent digital (STP) implementation without manual steps.

A central place where all customer agreements are described uniformly was lacking. With the catalog, APS now has a clear overview and only the products and services contained in the catalog are carried out under the associated conditions (STP standards). Customers will soon be able to use the catalog to choose which products or services they want. This 'purchase' is administered in a uniform manner in one central place. This will make it easy for pension fund employees to find agreements made with funds. Naturally, these conditions are in line with APS’ ambition to become the best digital pension provider in the Netherlands.

Nonetheless, the fund may want something different than what is stated in the catalog. What then? We first assess whether we (still) want to carry out this customization and at what cost. Of course, always in close consultation with the fund. The aim is to deviate as little as possible from the catalog and thus to realize a profitable implementation.


“Together with IG&H, we developed a completely new Product and Service Catalog (PDC) for servicing our clients. This catalog is a backbone in our mission of becoming the best digital pension provider by 2025.”

Kasper Smits

Senior Manager Commerce | Achmea Pensioenservices