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Jongeneel’s commercial & organizational transformation increases market share

  • Building and construction materials wholesaler Royal Jongeneel was losing market share

  • Some branches were underperforming and others overperforming; success depended on employees'commercial discipline

  • IG&H created a data-driven dashboard with options for improving performance, coaching for country-wide rollout

  • Jongeneel harnessed the power of its culture, increased market share and improved the experience for all stakeholders

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At a glance:

Jongeneel is a building and construction materials wholesaler who, despite being a household name, was losing market share. The performance among its branches was eerily inconsistent. How so? Some branches were under- and others overperforming. Jongeneel wanted to understand the reasons behind these divergent trends and motivate its employees to close this gap.

Switching hard hats for detective caps

To solve the mystery of over and underperformance, we analyzed each branch’s commercial data (including win-loss and client analyses, POS data, up-sell and cross-sell). However, the joint team soon realized the common denominator for success was the commercial discipline of the employees. A solution combining these findings was necessary.

Data-driven dialogue with a human focus

Four key commercial performance pillars (including customer growth and orders per client) were monitored on a dashboard. Each branch could customize these pillars. The new overview was combined with employees having a daily conversation to reflect on how business was going. This led to a positive feedback loop: the dashboard became a point of discussion in daily meetings, and employees’ feedback helped fine-tune the performance dashboard.

Regarding the commercial discipline of employees, regional and national ‘champions’ were coached. They then led by example, bringing about organizational change on a country-wide scale. A framework that allowed for friendly competition between the branches also motivated employees through gamification.


“Bringing in IG&H was exactly the right move at the right time. Their collaborative, fresh, cross-functional approach enabled them to quickly solve the mystery behind our lackluster performance and overcome it.”

Denis Brouwer, CEO Jongeneel


Jongeneel reloaded

We combined qualitative and quantitative insights, providing management with a cross-functional view of the organization’s daily activities. Through clarity and newfound motivation, a considerable increase in market share followed suit. With a sharpened focus and increased engagement for all stakeholders, Jongeneel is now ready to face the future of retail.

Read the full story here

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