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Join the exclusive opening of the


June 12, 2024

In today’s digital world, (Gen)AI applications are everywhere. Yet, their adoption in real business scenarios is limited. The revolutionary potential of AI can seem overwhelming – we help you start and scale.

Our brand new (Gen)AI Experience Center allows you to understand where (Gen)AI can unlock the most value and how to apply it in a practical, scalable way. This event is the official opening where you are sure to be inspired, both by evidence and experts.

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Why join us for the official opening? 

Aside from inspiring cases, interactive sessions and (Gen)AI applications at your fingertips, all attendees have the chance to win a (Gen)AI use case implementation project.

See how you can put (Gen)AI to work for your business operations. There is plenty to discover and plenty to do. Cutting-edge tech is a vital part of this professional playground, from Augmented Reality to robotics.


Jan Zekveld
Head of Innovation
at Schiphol

How AI fuels innovation

In his talk, Jan will demonstrate how the Innovation team at Schiphol uses AI to mitigate risks of new technology in airports, enhancing work quality for Airport Communities. He'll highlight examples like augmented decision-making to support or replace airport operations, and AI-driven crisis management for more tailored, informed decisions.


Kris Lanjouw

Head of Data and AI at IG&H

How to make (Gen)AI work

Before joining IG&H Consulting, Kris spent a decade in various strategic management positions at several global brands and retailers. Her mission is to assist companies in innovating by initiating and scaling their (Gen)AI journeys. Kris will be discussing the practical applications of (Gen)AI and how to make (Gen)AI work effectively. 

Karsten Mostert
Client Technology Lead Retail at Microsoft

How Microsoft powers AI in Retail

As Microsoft’s Technology Lead, Karsten collaborates with numerous Dutch retailers. He aims to enhance customer service, employee support, and the efficient, sustainable delivery of products and services through technology and data. Karsten will discuss how Generative AI can revolutionize these efforts. 

The program: 

16:30 - 17:00
17:00 - 17:20
17:20 - 17:40
17:40 - 18:00
18:00 - 19:30
19:30 - 20:00

Walk-in with bubbles and bites

Welcome + How to make (Gen)AI work - Kris Lanjouw (IG&H)

How Microsoft powers AI in Retail - Karsten Mostert (Microsoft)

How AI fuels innovation - Jan Zekveld (Schiphol)

Official opening + Small guided tours of the (Gen)AI Experience Center

Wrap up and drinks

IG&H Office, Hondiuslaan 102

3528AC Utrecht 

Ready to apply (Gen)AI? 

  • Get access to real-life cases, practical insights and interactive sessions

  • Get inspired, meet the IG&H (Gen)AI Squad, network and (re)connect with others on the topic

  • Expect the unexpected: Experience automation and (Gen)AI in ways you haven’t before

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Hosted by IG&H

Maarten Vaessen
Managing Director Retail
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Kristel Lanjouw
Head of Data and AI
Joost van de Meent

About IG&H 

Ready to apply GenAI? Let cutting-edge AI meet your practical business needs. While technology is an enabler, reimagining processes and talent are equally important. We can support you on your end-to-end transformation. 

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