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Challenging the regulatory norm  

Compliant by Design 

Banks have plenty of ambitions for their digital transformation. Terms like ‘going digital, working agile, system migrations’ and similar topics are mentioned frequently. However, something keeps slowing down their transformation: regulatory change and regulatory reporting. This process is time-intensive and unpredictable. Many sudden information requests from internal and external regulators arise. Most parties hire external help to build these reports. 

What if you could digitize your policies, connecting them to your business model,  operational model and the underlying technology – proving you are compliant? 

IG&H proudly presents an automated solution for risk management. Our tooling enables you to digitize the regulations. Assess the impact of a regulatory change on your operating model and demonstrate you are compliant. Why spend time translating new regulations into a new risk framework and assigning all departments the implementation? Instead, you can have a digital overview and easily show you are compliant.  

Our tooling allows you to:

Digitize policies  
Natural Language Processing can read sentences, recognize text patterns and helps you understand the associated risks or opportunities 
Get connected 

Have an automatic link between policies, risk frameworks, development and/or operational processes   

Simulate impact
ahead of time 

Divide policies into logical components, from cause for change to objectives and measures 

Decrease time
spent on compliance 

Save time and resources. Become more independent as the need to hire external parties for reporting decreases 

Speed up and be audit ready 
Determine regulations’ impact on your processes up to 10 times faster. Make risk processes more auditable  
Reduce regulatory stress

Decrease the required effort and the ad-hoc effect for regulatory change and reporting  

Benefit from a
controlled implementation 

View policy changes and gauge what the impact is on all levels – see the entire trail   

Keep your system
clean and up to date  

The tooling informs you about updates and helps clean up risk checks and balances that are no longer valid   

Redefine your regulatory approach 

Why let regulatory reporting and compliance slow down your digital transformation? By digitalizing your policies and working out your operational model to work together, you reduce interruptions of your digital transformation. As sector insiders, we believe risk deserves the same amount of attention as financial products and are proud to present you with an automated solution for your risk framework. Are you ready to become compliant to the core? Let’s get in touch today. 

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Stephan de Jong 

Director Banking

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