What they wanted
A historically low mortgage rate sounds very good. Margins on mortgages have never been this favorable. But there’s a flipside to that coin. Politics and media weighed in, which ultimately forced banks to offer their customers the opportunity to switch to low mortgage rates during the contract period. This bank looked for the right way to handle that demand.

What we did
With an Agile, highly customer-focused project approach, we helped implement a fully automated (STP) process for all the bank’s mortgage labels. The interest rate can be adjusted in the customer environment at any time – whenever the customer wants. Customer-specified costs and possibilities can be found here. All conditions are supported: from free to redemption to interest funds. Processing is done automatically. There is a digital emergency procedure for exceptions.

What we achieved
The solution has led to a major increase in customer satisfaction, both among customers and intermediaries. Additionally, the process design has provided the bank with a solid foundation for automating other changes. For example, it has resulted in the ‘DIY mortgage.’ The process design received the highest group audit score.

What they said
“The political concern has been eliminated, and focus has been placed on the customer. This solution – unique in the market – is pragmatic and feasible, so all customers can be reached. Another important aspect was confidence: we worked together and celebrated our successes.”


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