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A look back at supporting & organizing the safe opening of a new hospital
  • In 2017, IG&H was approached to support and organize the safe opening of a new organization in its new facilities by May 18, 2018

  • With only eight months left, IG&H (together with the organization) set up a solid program structure and milestone planning based on a transition readiness check, as well as provided hands-on support in the execution of the project

  • This rigorous, unique journey included IG&H consultants, program managers and many external experts from diverse fields

  • On May 18, 2018, the Princess Máxima Center successfully opened its doors

At a glance:

Princess Máxima Center combines research and highly complex care to provide state-of-the-art treatment and optimal quality of life for every child with cancer. When the project started, the hospital was still on its way to the opening of its brand-new facilities and setting up the organization in all its facets. This included Research & Development -organization, multi-disciplinary multi-institution healthcare delivery, support services, manpower build-up, development and implementation of processes and care pathways, planning & scheduling, training, IT infrastructure, legal issues and permits, and more. The board asked IG&H to support and organize a safe opening of the new organization by May 18, 2018, in the eight months that were left at the time.

Streamlining for success

We started with a ‘transition readiness check’ to define a list of what was necessary for the center to open. Together with the organization, we created a solid program structure around 11 so-called ‘delivery factories’ such as HR & recruitment, care processes, compliance, finance, and ICT, among others. Each factory was assigned part of the outcomes of the ‘transition readiness check’, thereby dividing tasks and encouraging accountability. We then created and agreed on an overall milestone planning.

By creating a ‘getting it done’ mentality, our project management skills supported the entire program. This included the implementation of organization models for rapid conciliation of issues and decision-making. Furthermore, we kept an unwavering focus on the overall objective. Success factors were:

  • Process support and sector expertise in all “factories” and on the overall program management level

  • Never waver from the original objective and continuous check all issues and efforts to either risk or contribution to that objective

  • Relentless serial problem solving

  • Facilitate rapid signaling, logging, consideration and resolving of issues to keep forward momentum and prevent doubling back previously made decisions

  • Pragmatic hands-on approach


“Driven, knowledgeable professionals with the right sense of urgency, immediate availability and a proactive attitude to realize ambitions.”

Ben van Miltenburg | Program director


Princess Máxima Center reborn a brand-new hospital

All parties rolled up their sleeves to achieve results in an extremely short time. The entire center –from the doctors to the employees – truly came together in the final weeks. In the end, the Princess Máxima Center safely and successfully opened its doors on May 18, 2018.

Princess Máxima Center is now one of the largest centers for pediatric oncology in the world and its mission is to cure every child with cancer and provide them with an optimal quality of life. In the Netherlands, there is currently a 75% chance of curing cancer in children.

IG&H is extremely proud to have contributed to this project. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help set up a new hospital, but it is even rarer to build a hospital that focuses on one specific field, in this case, pediatric oncology. This was not only a major transformation assignment but one that would have a significant impact on the healthcare system and its patients.

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