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Increased online profitability at eCommerce platform
  • Increased revenue and profitability don’t always go hand in hand

  • Data-driven business analysis can help pinpoint where costs are getting the upper hand

  • IG&H created a BI solution for a DIY retailer to eliminate waste in the eCommerce channel and drive profitability

At a glance:

Increasing eCommerce profitability at a DIY retailer

Online revenues had increased rapidly for this DIY retailer located in the Netherlands, but profitability in the eCommerce channel was under pressure due to high costs. However, the company hadn’t properly analyzed where the costs were coming from, focusing only on profit/loss generated by front margin. There were a number of insights to be gained by looking into shopping baskets and product-specific costs such as inventory, logistics, returns, waste and the call center.

Data-driven business intelligence pinpoints profit potential

The IG&H team started by building a pipeline that connected 20 data sources to the data warehouse. On top of the data warehouse, the team developed 25 cost and revenue allocation algorithms in the cloud to output the data to a well-known self-service BI (business intelligence) dashboard. Then, dashboard views were created based on 4 types of users: merchants, online team, supply chain/logistics, and finance. The dashboards provided insights into profitability metrics from multiple angles including time periods, banners, product categories and fulfilment streams. Outliers were automatically visualized to provide focus and direction for improvement initiatives.

Once the dashboards were ready to go, the system was rolled out to 100+ users who received hands-on training to understand the methodology behind the dashboard and how to use it. The users were also empowered to define their own profitability improvement initiatives. The critical final step was to ensure the insights generated by the dashboard would be used. To that end, IG&H and the client jointly defined clear roles and responsibilities and governance, with a meeting structure and KPI’s that would enable the teams to achieve their profitability goals.


"It is important for Intergamma to be able to steer on data that really matters. As it has been a challenge for many companies, it was also a great challenge for us to create the right structure for doing this. IG&H helped us to structure our data, set up user-friendly dashboarding, but especially supported in the implementation of these tools. Something that was desperately needed as online sales reached peak after peak due to the corona pandemic. Now we can anticipate much better on the KPIs that really matter! "

- Anouk Beeren (Director Cross Channel Intergamma)


The results

The client has achieved better cross-functional collaboration, and over 100 users have been trained to work with the new BI dashboards. The initiative is successfully driving profitability in the online channel.

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