Business Engineering

Creating synergy between business and IT

Business Engineering’s goal is to shorten the bridge between business and IT by placing business value into IT solutions. We fulfil this purpose with our model-based way of working i.e. the design work and testing, and a strong data and migration strategy.

In an extremely fast-paced IT setting, how can you balance the need for speed with the quality of your solutions? By connecting people and technology, the development process becomes faster. Through avid testing, continuous feedback, increased organizational flexibility, clear connections and sector expertise for decision-making we guide you along the way. Our business engineers tackle everything from data migration and master designs to ensuring ethical data usage, testing and Business Model Engineering.

Business Analysis & Architecture

Agility is key – in your working method, but also in the way in which you engineer products, processes and information flows. We help you realize flexibility and a steerable organization by using model-based designs, implementing a common company language as well as direct connections between products, processes, and IT.

Process and information design
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Model based testing

How do you ensure quality when today's expectations are tomorrow's history? And how will testing keep up with high-speed development? Our Model Based Testing approach includes continuous feedback to enable first-time-right delivery and applies automation where appropriate to accelerate.

Business & Data migration

Are you looking for first-time-right, secure, turnkey migrations of high quality? IG&H delivers exactly that. Do you want to know whether data should be enriched or removed – for STP handling or GDPR purposes, for example? We can help you make decisions based on our design and sector expertise.

Data Migration

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