Replatforming legacy systems with low-code to increase adaptability and lower costs

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Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering has undergone a successful transition towards a new administrative platform. The pension fund, known for its good service and low operational costs, aims to lower costs even further while maintaining the capability to adapt to future changes.

Replacing their current legacy employer-administration system is part of Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering’s transition towards a modern cloudbased technology within the IT landscape. In total, data of 85 thousand employers, approximately 1 million employment contracts and well over 3 years of historical data have been successfully migrated on the new platform. The platform was developed by the pension fund and IG&H, in close collaboration with international techology partners OutSystems and Microsoft. IG&H was responsible for developing and implementing the pensions administration module.

The complete process of implementation and data migration took only seven months, made possible by using OutSystems’ ‘low-code software’ and IG&H’s pension administration module. By combining the two, a major increase in implementation speed and agility was achieved. Moreover, Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering was able to significantly decrease administrative costs. By allowing the new administration platform to fully function on the Microsoft Azure cloud, Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering achieved maximum scalability.

Paul Braams (CEO Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering):
“There are three reasons why we are very satisfied with the IG&H collaboration: the professionality of the people, the collegiality throughout the collaboration and the fact that our partnership goes beyond
temporarily commercial deal. Together we have assessed the future and created a joint vision, which we are working towards step by step. Through IG&H we were introduced to low code as the driving force behind developing new applications. Our first project, replacing the employer-administration is made possible by combining low code and the ‘hard’ pension administration core of IG&H. This combing together makes the project unique: low cost adaptability, allowing us to adjust to all the imminent changes within the pensions landscape, quickly and cheap.”

Frans Liem (partner IG&H):
“Pension administrators are facing the great challenge of replacing and updating their ICT-landscape within the years to come. Together with Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering, IG&H has developed a futureproof approach by assembling the best people within both the pensions and technology platforms industry. We are pleased that Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering embraced and successfully implemented our solution. Together with the professionals of Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering, we were able to deliver on our promise of speed and accuracy in these 
transitions with significant impactThis is important in the context of the large changes that the Dutch pensions sector faces.

Read the interview with Paul Braams and Frans Liem about this topic in PensioenPro.

About IG&H
IG&H is a leading consulting – technology firm specialized in the retail, financial services and healthcare sector. We drive business transformations through alignment of People, Business and Technology and are committed to make a sustainable impact to society. We combine unmatched sector knowledge with digital transformation and technology capabilities, providing services in strategy, digital design and platform technologies – powered by world-class technology partners.  With more than 300 professionals in Europe IG&H is rated as Great Place to Work and committed to deliver and bring continuous innovation.  IG&H has won the Outsystems EMEA partner of the year 2020 award.

Frans Liem

Next-gen core platform for debt relief and administration

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What they wanted
With increasing challenges of people struggling with debt, our client asked us to build a next-gen core platform to handle their operations and client interaction. This market-leading company experienced the need to maintain their competitive edge and reducing the costs to assist and help people in debt even better. With a capricious IT transformation past for the last 20 years, fast and high-end delivery was essential. Their financial and client administration process was highly manual and especially the postal and client interaction required a lot of back-and-forth, precious time and lots of information.

What we did
With all the requested requirements already documented, we started with a sizing in OutSystems. With this sizing we made a precise estimation of the work needed to be delivered. After a highly successful proof of concept containing the most important operational functions, we started building towards a first production deployment. Based on a Microsoft Azure cloud we integrated many third-party solutions to innovate and accelerate. By integrating with a new specialised DMS and a new innovative payment and bank accounts provider these processes were improved significantly. Delivery and innovation were the main driver for success as well as, harvesting value and lessons learned, preparing, and realizing the full IT with premium services, process, and organizational change.

What we achieved
Within a few months we build a supreme proof of concept, directly developed further towards a first production release for a small team. Growing in functionality the core platform was deployed step by step in the whole organisation. As IG&H we doubled the given organisational goals. The new core platform not only accelerates the processes and reduces costs; it also provides whole new capabilities. The focus of debt relief and administration changed towards a more people-oriented approach. Administration was the main workload, with the new core platform and innovations that changed, giving the employees more space to dive into the root causes of client and their debt struggle.

What they said
“The highest code quality combined with fast delivery we ever encountered in comparable large projects”

Award winning data driven mortgages

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What they wanted
To apply for a mortgage, you need to hand over dozens of documents. From salary slip till debt proof and a copy of your passport. The processing of all these documents takes a great deal of time and is more susceptible to fraud and error. This can be done smarter and better with data. To accelerate the handling time and decrease the number of errors, a leading mortgage lender asked us to make several processes fully data driven. In this way the lender became ready for the future.

What we did
We helped our client to implement data driven solutions to automate their mortgage process. Based on our extensive experience of delivering full straight through processing solutions, we helped our client to select the appropriate partners to process the relevant client-data. In short this came down to three main parts. The first part was the selection and integration of a tool (i.e. iWize and Ockto) to make direct data delivery by clients possible. The second part is related tot the selection of the right service provider which could directly process data into the back-office based on HDN-standards. The third part is about using government registers as a source of client data to increase the data quality and thereby complying with ever increasing due diligence regulations.

What we achieved
By taking a step by step approach, digitizing each process at a time, we were able to feed the agile sprints cycles in a controllable way so that the project was finished in time. Next to successfully transforming documents to data, we also helped our client coping with he impact of this change on risk management and compliance. Since most mortgages are applied for with the help of an intermediary, we successfully integrated the solution into an advisory package (in dutch: adviespakket). Now clients only have to use DigiD to log into the app and deliver the required data. After the data is checked, it is sent directly to the mortgage lender. The mortgage provider is now automating more and more processes and is becoming more and more data driven. In 2020 our client received an award for this innovation.

What they said
“A party that really has a lot of knowledge of the sector and knows what the most exciting developments are”. – CEO of a top-10 mortgage provider.

IG&H recognised as Partner of the Year EMEA by OutSystems

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Exactly 3 years ago IG&H decided that low-code technology could help our clients to make a sustainable impact in their sectors’. After we joined forces with highly experienced teams of platform technology experts in Portugal and the Netherlands, a lot has happened and thanks to smart collaboration it turned out to be a true winning combination. Today IG&H is being recognised as Partner of the Year EMEA by OutSystems in two separate categories. 1. Rainmaker: most Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). 2. Pioneer: most new logos.

On top of that it is even greater to see smart collaboration with our client Medtronic EMEA is being recognised by an Innovation Award!

A big thank you to everyone that contributed to the pillars of this success.

Defining the digital transformation blueprint for a Dutch insurer

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What they wanted
Our client created a growth strategy for the next 5 years, which exposed that the company needed to make a giant (digital) transformation to implement this strategy. To enable the organisation and IT to realise this strategy a decent design for the business model, operating model and IT were required.

What we did
As no time could be lost, an interconnected programme with three workstreams was created. Each workstream was jointly lead by an IG&H expert and one workstream owner by the client to ensure transmission of knowledge, buy-in, and fun. Deliverables were carefully aligned to create a plan with logic that carefully built upon all components.

What we achieved
In five months’ time a blueprint for the entire insurance operation was detailed. Market insights that were previously not available to the client were used, templates that enabled them to structure all blueprints are still used after IG&H has left and most importantly the workstream owners of the client could execute the plans that were created. The total transformation will take over 2 years time, but will result in significant improvement in customer service while decreasing costs by 10%.

What they said
“We are very satisfied. Excellent consistency across the workstreams, all deadlines were met and all stakeholders agreed.”

Go-to-market strategy for a top-5 independent insurance broker

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What they wanted
After years of double digit profitable growth to a top-5 position in the market, the firm’s executive board realised a next step in their strategy was required as focus started to blur and key (market) insights were missing. They therefore wanted a futureproof growth strategy that would determine the growth path for the next five years, and in parallel would enable them to 1) simplify governance, 2) focus investments and 3) optimise their operations in line with this strategy.

What we did
We split the project in three phases to enable to cooperate with different stakeholders in each phase. Phase one concerned creation of a strategy based amongst others on unique insights in the Dutch market for distribution through our proprietary tooling “Distributiemonitor”, and the internal context. Phase two concerned the resulting priorities and phase three concerned the resulting actions to realise these priorities. Each phase started with a kick-off to create alignment on the deliverables and key questions, halfway there was a validation session to discuss prelimenary findings, and each phase concluded with a workshop on the conclusions and implications of the former. During each phase different sets of stakeholders were involved to ensure buy-in and a smooth transition after the ending of our engagement.

What we achieved
We were able to determine a growth strategy, with unique insights on the market and their own customer base, in under three months’ time. All resulting priorities and actions were co-created into implementation plans by the management team and IG&H to ensure logic, buy-in and feasibility in execution.

What they said
Client satisfaction, CEO: 8, COO: 9



IG&H’s contribution to the National Coordination Center for Patient Evacuation (LCPS)

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Due to the national increase in patients with COVID-19, the workload of patient care across the Netherlands needed to be spread as effectively as possible. Not only for patients with COVID-19, but for all patients. The aim of the National Coordination Center for Patient Evacuation (LCPS) is to spread the workload and care capacities across hospitals.

LCPS is being led by Bas Leerink and Bart ter Horst. The Dutch Army offers advice and support in the design, organization and operation. They are being strengthened by experts in the field of acute care, logistics, ICT, statistics and crisis management.

Just before the peak in the number of COVID-19-patients, IG&H, together with Erasmus MC, the Ministry of Defence and other partners, coordinated the setup of LCPS with the aim to spread the workload and care capacities across hospitals.

Journalist Mark de Bruijn has recorded the setup of the LCPS and reconstructed it into an exciting documentary.



Edmond Alblas: new lead partner Insurance & Banking

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As of May 1, Edmond Alblas has joined IG&H as new lead partner Insurance & Banking. Alblas has over 20 years’ of experience as a consultant in the financial service industry. Working on complex strategic assignments and transformations for major Insurers and Banks. He gained significant experience with strategy, technology and change, from working as a Partner at Deloitte and KPMG.

Edmond Alblas: “I believe in translating customer problems into multidisciplinary solutions, in which close cooperation of all teams are very important. What makes IG&H very appealing to me, is that it has such multidisciplinair teams, which can provide customers an end-to-end solution. Think of: the Platform service practice with specialized people in low-code development and Business Engineering as the pivotal capability to accelerate solution development. Smart collaboration creates opportunities to accelerate customers to establish a renewed business model.

In addition, I gained a lot of experience in the financial sector internationally, and now I am very excited to use that to focus on reinforcing the Dutch financial service industry.”

Jan van Hasenbroek, managing partner at IG&H, says, “We’re delighted that Edmond choose to work for IG&H. He understands what is needed to bridge the gap between strategy and execution and the role of digital technologies in complex transformations. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation in the months to come to give Edmond a kick start and Insurance & Banking another boost.”

IG&H is active in the field of consultancy and technology. As a sector expert, IG&H focuses on retail, finance, and healthcare. Currently, the company has 275 committed professionals who help organizations realize the digital transformation to radical customer focus.