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Credit Decisioning

IG&H AI-based Credit Decisioning  

IG&H AI-based Credit Decisioning significantly shortens the handling time of credit reviews, credit extensions and credit applications. These models not only save you time but also increase transparency. 

Credit decisioning is a laborious, time-intensive process that often turns into a bottleneck. Meanwhile, your clients are expecting faster results and regulatory pressure is constant. Manual expert assessment is a high-volume task that demands a lot of repetitive work. Automating credit decisioning processes gives your experts more time for high-risk cases, reduces your operational costs and makes processes scalable. 

What if you could automate credit decisioning by using models with Artificial Intelligence, trained by your own risk experts, discovering connections between the experts' opinions and client data? IG&H AI-based Credit Decisioning helps you do exactly that. 

AI-based credit decisioning models support banks and leasing companies in 3 areas: 

Automated Credit Review 

By generating over a thousand decision trees, the ACR model accurately estimates whether a client needs manual attention - or not 

Automated Credit Extension  

The ACE model provides upcoming extensions with three options: automated approval, explain on warnings only, or extensive assessment 

Automated Credit Application   

Dealing with new applications of both existing and new clients, the ACA model estimates feasibility and provides automated approval options  

The benefits of automated credit decisioning  

Higher customer satisfaction 

Faster, more predictable outcomes. Let your clients make business decisions quicker with ACA 

Increased employee happiness 

Decrease manual and repetitive work, letting experts tend to more complex cases 

More objective decisions 

The model shows how a decision was reached. Decisions are more consistent and accurate 

Embedded compliance

Checks and expert reviews are secured in the process. The experts are still in control​ 

Continuous monitoring 

Use AI models for continuous portfolio monitoring and early warnings 

“IG&H entered into a long-term partnership with us to work toward the first AI-based credit decisioning model. The motto was ‘it's never been done before so I guess I can do it’.”


ING Real Estate Finance

With your data and the judgment of your risk experts as input, the models are unique to your business.

Not only can you automate processes, but you can do so through a tailor-made approach. Your credit decisioning is based on your own custom AI.  

Experience shows that

up to 70%

of your clients can be reviewed by the model, reducing the workload drastically.  

Become flexible and stay compliant with custom credit decisioning models

The world of financial services is changing fast. Being adaptable is as vital as being compliant. These AI-based models offer both compliance and flexibility. Tailored to your business, they can be set up to combine business rules and AI (expert-based learning). A small team works together with your risk and front office experts to train and implement the models. Together, we help you clear typical hurdles such as data quality, few use cases or pulling data from various sources. The approach of IG&H is technology agnostic; we set up the model together with you in any IT environment. 

Advance your credit processes with AI 

With automated credit decisioning your business becomes more efficient and transparent. These AI-based models help you drive digital transformation with the support of your experts and client data. Are you ready to speed up your decision-making process and make them more accurate? Let’s get in touch today. 

Simone Mensink
Director Financial Services
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